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One of the main objectives of the Institute is to provide assistance to the students and research scholars in their studies / research, to coin collectors in the identification and decipherment of their coins and to Museums/Institutions in documentation / preparation of their coin catalogues
1. All the visiting students and scholars are assisted by the Research Staff of the Institute in locating their research material, literature, etc. Photocopying facility available in the library can also be availed by them. Sometimes, information about published literature, photocopies etc are also supplied by post, if requests are received.
In the past many visiting scholars / students have availed of such assistance
2. Coin collectors who bring their coins to the Institute are helped in the identification and decipherment of their coins. Such assistance is also provided through correspondence if good pictures or scanned images or good pencil rubbing of coins are sent to it. Coin-collectors are also encouraged and assisted in preparing papers on their coins for publications. The main objective behind this is to encourage the collectors in realising the historical importance of coins and to impress upon them the need to bring such information before the academic world by publishing them.
3. It is extremely desirable that proper catalogues of the coin holdings of different Museums/ Departments/Institutions are prepared and published. Unfortunately, this seldom happens. Therefore, the Institute, if approached, is quite willing to provide such assistance to the Museums/Institutions. In the past the Institute had provided assistance in documenting and cataloguing of Sikh coins of Patiala Museum, documentation of the part collection of RBI, Monetary Museum and so on.
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