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People and Culture
In pursuance of understanding the fast disappearing life ways of tribal, nomadic and rural folks of India, Indian Rock Art Research Centre has initiated collecting data on the rich and colourful heritage of these communities. The centre has a good collection of photographs related to settlement pattern and material culture of Thakur tribe of Trimbakeshwar Region, district Nashik, Maharashtra and the Bawaria community of Kotputli Taluka, district Jaipur, Rajasthan. Wall painting and appliqué decoration of walls of Gujjar houses in Bundi and Kota districts of Rajasthan is part of our collection. Photographic documentation of pottery making in Keshavrai Patan area, district Bundi and Kota, Rajasthan is an important part of our collection. The centre also holds good photographic archives of fairs and festivals of Trimbakeshwar Region, Nashik. Also, the centre has sizable collection of photographs of sheep herders such as Rabaris of Rajasthan and Dhanagars of Maharashtra. Photographs related to the village life of different parts of the country are also part and parcel of our collection.
Training and Workshops: To enhance interest and create respect for the cultural heritage among the public and students, IRARC organizes training programmes and activities to provide skills, learning environment and hands on programmes at regular basis. At our institute we also try to inform the audience about the great wealth of Indian cultural heritage through our collection which is exhibited at the Institutes Museum as well as in various display panels. We also try to link our documentation programmes with the heritage awareness and educate the general mass about the importance of their local heritage.
Research Assistance
IRARC provided research assistance to several research students and scholars in the form of information, photographs, photocopies and assistance in excavations and explorations.
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