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Money Museum
INHCRF has set up a MoneyMuseum as part of its mission to educate the general public about India’s numismatic heritage and its relevance in the country’s history. It presents a comprehensive account of the history of Indian coins right from the pre-coinage stage and the beginning of coinage about 2500 years ago till the currency of modern times. The displays are mounted on thirty-four well laid-out panels. There are nearly 3000 coins on display in addition to coin replicas, photographs, coin dies, moulds, tokens, medals, weights, coin forgeries, fanam counting boards, currency notes, credit cards, discount cards, etc
Another gallery in the Museum called K.G. Maheshwari Photo Art Gallery provides a panorama of beautiful black and white photographs. These range from portraits, landscape, scenes from nature, birds, and animals to table-tops.
Photographs taken by the legendary late J.N. Unwalla and Nallawala along with many other photographs from early 20th century form a good collection
We have plans to expand the museum displays to have many other galleries for the other antiquities in our collection
Our Collection
At the commencement of our activities the emphasis was on numismatics, and on building up a representative coin collection. Today, our cabinet holding is over 45,000 coins
Stone age tools (from the Acheulian period down to microliths), copper hoard age tools (axes, celts, harpoons) and ceramics of different phases and cultures (including Harappan) form an important part of our archaeological collection. We also have a good collection of paintings, sculptures, bronzes, copper plate inscriptions, manuscripts, and other artefacts

All these collections are classified and appropriately stored, making them easily accessible for the study
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