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Considering the vital importance of coins as a source for our history and realising the fact that numismatics has rather been neglected in the archaeological studies in our country, INHCRF established the Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies (IIRNS) in 1984 with the main objective of aiding and promoting studies and research in Indian numismatic studies. This was the first and continues to be the only Institute in the country exclusively devoted to Indian Numismatics.
> An integral component of IIRNS’ activities has been to develop itself as a research resource centre for Indian numismatic studies where the research students can have an unhindered access to the basic research material, i.e. coins from different collections and other research material. Due to various reasons the access to actual coins kept in the collection of various Museums and Departments is often very difficult for research students. For obviating this difficulty, IIRNS has undertaken photographic documentation of the coin collections of various museums and private collections.  These are mounted with all the needed details on index cards. This data bank at present consists of about 160000 card indexes. These are now being converted to digital format. Once completed, the data would be made available online
IIRNS provides assistance to Museums, Institutions, Coin-collectors in documentation, cataloguing, exhibition of their coins. Taking note of the extensive documentation of coins done by the IIRNS, the National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities, Government of India, commissioned the IIRNS to document coins belonging to museums and archaeological departments under which it has documented more than 175000 coins and medals
IIRNS holds regular courses to impart practical training to students, archaeologists and museum personnel. These courses vary from five to fifteen days depending on the subject covered.
For its outreach and awareness programme, the IIRNS team also visits schools and colleges where one-day introductory workshops are conducted for the students. These courses have proved very popular IIRNS organizes seminars and colloquia on different aspects of Indian numismatics. It also brings out an annual research journal called Numismatic Digest.
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