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INHCRF houses one of the most comprehensive reference libraries on Indian numismatics. Consisting of over 15,000 volumes, the library has also a sizeable collection on allied subjects like archaeology, epigraphy, history, art history, source books, etc.
Apart from books and periodicals, the library has a well classified Offprints Section with over 6500 articles published in different journal and volumes
Many a times news about the finds of coins or other antiquities, archaeological discoveries, art, culture and important events are published in newspapers.  Such news items, more often than not, remain our only source of information for research. Clippings of such news items, numbering over 10000, all well classified, are available for easy reference in the News Clipping Section in the library
Another important section of the library is the Document Archives. Scholars who have conducted extensive research remain a great resource for the students not only through their publications but also in the form of their papers, worksheets, notes/notings, correspondence, containing many unpublished material. These are preserved in the Document Archives. This section includes papers and entire correspondence of the Late (Dr.) Parmeshwari Lal Gupta, the Late (Prof.) Ajay Mitra Shastri, the  Late Charles Biddulph, the late K. W. Wiggins, especially with Charls Panish and Pridmore,  the late C. H. Kraay, Joe Cribb and many others numismatist.
It also has some papers of the late (Dr.) S. K. Saraswati, an eminient art historian, the late Dr. P. M. Joshi, and the late (Mahamahopadhyaya) Rahul Sankrityayana. All these papers are preserved in special acid-free boxes and are available for consultation
It being a non-lending library, as users soon find, any publication available in its holdings is made instantly accessible to reader
The library is housed in an airy and lighted hall. Functional study carrels are provided for students. Facilities of photocopying and micro-film reader are also provided in the library. A few computer terminals are also provided for the students/research scholars in the library.
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