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The educational programme of the Institute aims at:
1.Providing training to different categories of students in the various aspects of numismatics, and
2.Spreading awareness about the importance of coins as our cultural and historical heritage among young students and general public
The first is directed towards students in colleges and universities, teachers, Personnel of Museums and Archaeology departments, coin collectors etc., and for them the Institute organises some short-term practical training programmes.  Such practical training courses in Numismatics are not conducted anywhere and these  aim at making the students better equipped to handle and study the numismatic material. The training courses conducted by the Institute presently include
1. Workshop on ‘Practical Guide to the Fundamentals of Indian Numismatics
This course, being conducted by the Institute since 1987, is of 15 days duration and normally conducted once in an year. Only a limited number of participants (maximum 12) are admitted to this course. It is an intensive course and aims at imparting practical training in the basic skills needed for classifying, identifying, deciphering and studying various types of Indian coins. The training is imparted by making the participants work on actual coins under the guidance of guide experts under seven different sub-courses, namely
Introduction and Method
Introduction to Indian Coinage
Coin classification and Identification
Hoard Sorting, Classification and Identification
Legends/Symbols Decipherment
Threshold Legibility and Identification and
Clues and Hints for Quick Classification and Identification.
A set of 12 lectures covering the entire Indian numismatics accompanies the workshop
2. Learner Series of Courses
Presently under this series the Institute conducts the following courses each of 5 days duration namely:
1. Learn Deciphering Brahmi Script on Ancient Indian Coins
2. Learn Deciphering Arabic Script on Medieval Indian coins
3. An Introduction to Ancient Indian Coins
4. An Introduction to Medieval Indian Coins
All these courses include practical sessions where the participants work on the actual coins. These courses are also accompanied by a series of 4-5 lectures with multimedia slide shows on the relevant topics.
Towards the second objective of spreading awareness about the importance of coins as historical and cultural heritage among the young students, the Institute conducts a one-day workshop called An Introduction To Historic Indian Coins And Their Manufacturing Technique at colleges, schools and for other groups. This course is conducted with the help of a multimedia presentation and also a practical demonstration of the coin manufacturing techniques.
Those interested in organising such an introductory course in school, college, or for other group may contact the Director of the Institute
Apart from the above, the Institute also organizes talks, slide-shows, gallery talks by its research staff for groups of students
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