Archaeology Workshops

Prehistory Workshop:

INHCRF conducts seven days’ practical training course on Prehistoric archaeology. This training course is designed for early career professionals, under-graduate, post-graduate and doctoral students of archaeology and anthropology, and even interested students from other backgrounds. Through lectures and presentations, it aims at informing students about Indian Prehistory, human evolution and prehistoric art. But the unique feature of the course is the practical training imparted for identification, assemblage analysis, recording and interpretation of stone tools with the help of actual artefacts belonging to various Prehistoric periods. This is accompanied by stone tool knapping sessions, field trips to understand alluvial geomorphology, quaternary deposits, landforms, prehistoric site settings and palaeo-environment. Hands-on experience on excavation methods at a model trench at INHCRF Campus and learning field survey techniques, recording methods and data collection of Prehistoric assemblages at the Acheulian site of Gangapur, Nashik and in the Deccan Upland area around Trimbakeshwar are additional features provided to the participants.