Numismatic Workshops

Realizing the importance of practical training in numismatic studies, which are lacking in our university teaching of this subject, we at the INHCRF have designed training courses of short duration for students in colleges and universities, teachers, personnel of museums and archaeology departments, and coin collectors. The unique feature of these courses is that the participants learn by working on actual coins. The first such practical training course was called Workshop on ‘Practical Guide to the Fundamentals of Indian Numismatics’ and was of 15 days’ duration. It was first conducted in 1987 and since then many such workshops were conducted.

Week-Long Residential Workshops

Since 1995, shorter practical training workshops of seven days’ duration were started and over the years INHCRF has conducted a number of such workshops on 4 separate themes. Presently, we conduct two such week-long workshops on Introduction to Ancient Indian Coins and Introduction to Medieval Indian Coins. These workshops are conducted under four sub-courses:

1. A. Introduction to Coin Terms and coin manufacturing techniques.

    B. History of Ancient / Medieval Indian Coins : Main Phases and features.

2. Coin Typology - Acquaintance with Ancient / Medieval Indian Coins and their typology (Practical sessions)

3. Classification and Identification of Ancient / Medieval Indian Coins (Practical Sessions)

4. Decipherment of Inscriptions on Ancient / Medieval Indian Coins (Practical Sessions).

These sessions are accompanied by introductory lectures and slide shows.  These workshops are conducted by experts of the subjects who remain with the participants throughout the duration of these courses to guide them and solve their queries / doubts. These practical training courses are unique as nowhere else in the world such training is provided where students learn by working on actual coins.