Outreach Workshops

In India, we find lots of temples, some old and some modern, in all the regions. In different regions and in different periods, temple buildings followed different architectural styles. While these followed very precise scientific processes, most of them are beautiful pieces of art.

To inculcate interest in our heritage and to expose the young students and even adults to the art and science of ancient temple architecture we organise heritage walks to the Anjaneri temple complex, located about 2 kilometers from our campus. Located in the picturesque backdrop of Anjaneri hills, the Anjaneri village has three groups of temple ruins of Chalukyan and Yadava periods (about 8-12 century CE) which are protected monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India. For this activity, we accept school children as well as adults in groups minimum of 50. The group is taken around the complex on a walk, explained the architectural styles/features and practices of these and other similar temples by the guiding expert from the Institute.